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The Georgia Student
Connect Program

The first phase of the Georgia Department of Education’s (GaDOE) Georgia Student Connect program connects students by providing hotspots with free internet service to households with a K-12 student living in low-income housing. The program is now expanded to help families enroll in the Federal Communication Commission’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) where eligible families can receive a $30 credit on their internet bill.

The Goal

The goal of Georgia Student Connect is to help eligible students access adequate and affordable internet services, enabling them to complete homework assignments and otherwise access their education at home. The Office of the Governor, GaDOE, and telecommunication vendors have partnered to achieve this goal.

Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF)

ECF is a temporary $7.17 billion program that will help schools close the digital divide by providing funding for devices and broadband connectivity purchases for off-campus use by students and school staff in need. More information on the ECF can be found at the FCC website. Georgia Student Connect has also developed an ECF Guidebook to help districts navigate the program. You can also access the guidebook. Your ambassador is available to field your questions.

Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB)

The EBB provides a temporary discount of up to $50 per month towards broadband service for eligible households. The EBB is limited to one discounted monthly service plan per household and will continue until funds are expended or until six months after the declared end to the COVID-19 health emergency. Students in your district may be eligible for this program. Information about the program is available for students and their households at GetEmergencyBroadband.org